Is It In Your Nature To Prevail

Is it in your nature to prevail? When you noticed that headline what was your initial reaction?

Your response will say much about how our brain is trained. If you are comfortable in a victim status, you don’t expect to prevail. Dealt a bad hand so-to-speak. How can you win?

Yet others, most I like to imagine, do expect to prevail. It is in their nature to prevail. And this is reflective of a trained brain as well. Perhaps no element of our personality more attacks the long-term satisfaction of our lives than our nature to prevail. This is not a have/have not dynamic. This is a continuum issue. Where are you on the continuum of the nature to prevail?

The nature to prevail is buttressed by your filters of behavior. For my regular readers, you know what’s coming. Filtering behaviors means Positive, Productive, Fresh, and Enthusiastic. PPFE.

The nature to prevail intrinsically recognizes and appreciates laws of your existence. As you exist right now, you have free will. This elevate you beyond many in this world who live in restrictive societies, and indeed the history of most of mankind provided for less free will than you have.

You also have the ability to learn. The nature to prevail rests on recognizing that ability. It is one of the greatest assets that you have; greater than the value of your vehicle or your possessions. Recognizing one’s ability to learn is a significant component of a positive attitude. Willingness to learn? That is another question! If you are unwilling to learn, you are a knucklehead of the first order. Maybe a good candidate for chairman of the knucklehead committee.

You have a greater influence on your future then all the other people on this earth combined. While factors influence your opportunities, the primary factor is you. Blessing or curse? The nature to prevail will answer that question. The positive will always bear in mind such elements of their existence and will not let life be defined by its hurdles. They have free will, they can and want to learn, and they have a general control their futures

Productive is our second filter of behavior but number two only on this list. Number one if I were to rank. The productive individual shapes his or her behaviors toward the desired goals in life. We occasionally take backward steps as we progress, but the effective among us take strides forward. Foregoing productive behavior, which requires a laser focus on the goal, does not encourage the nature to prevail. Productive means running toward one’s goals. When eating the proverbial elephant, doing so one bite at a time. Productive means that when you engage with a partner of any sort on any quest, your tone and your language and your affect all coalesce into a productive approach. An approach targeted toward the goal.

Enthusiasm comes next on our list.
The best tour guide I ever had was enthusiastic. He was in the moment and exhibited a clear desire to be special.
My finest professors in college varied in their approaches but all shared the enthusiasm gene.
The best bartender I am have ever had the pleasure to be served by seemed to enjoy work because I think he really did. He embraced his job and wanted to be a good bartender and provide excellent service. Enthusiasm reigned.

A nature to prevail is unlikely to exist without a nice dose of enthusiasm. You’ve never admired someone else’s work when they applied themselves listlessly. Never.

We live in a world almost a startling in its pace of change. My parent’s generation is able to recollect circumstances from their youth that seem otherworldly to my children. The world in which they were fostered was a far different existence in almost every life circumstance. The pace of change seemingly increases exponentially.

To deal with that, the nature to prevail requires a willingness to be fresh, to adapt. Great teammates flex to their coaches and colleagues. The nature to prevail requires an ability to shift appropriately without losing one’s creed. Filter your behaviors through PPFE and you will enhance your nature to prevail. Be positive, productive, fresh, and enthusiastic. It will serve you well.

We all need a purpose; we all need to matter. Your nature to prevail will drive your purpose; it will ensure you matter.

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