Motivus understands embracing shared goals is the requirement for the success of an organization. Many organizations fail to focus on the shared aspect.
All but the least evolved have stated goals. All but the most evolved truly have the goals shared throughout the organization

Understanding there will exist the primary focus, whether the maximization of shareholder value (for profit companies), the growth of association membership (classic associations/trade unions), the number of individuals helped, (philanthropic) the aim of Motivus in coaching is to assist the unit in clearly identifying the appropriate goal(s) for that unit.

In brief, Motivus will bring shared language to the forefront, gently advocate for shared experiences, and create dynamics whereby the unit itself works collectively to memorialize the shared goals.

Primary in the development of the shared goal(s) is a belief that motivation is ensuring work groups play a role in articulating the goal(s). If motivation is getting others to do what you want them to do, because THEY want to do it, then it is incumbent that those individuals feel a part of the goal setting.

If Motivus is successful, our clients will be guided by the adage “the effective manager need not be present.” This is code for an environment where everyone wants the same thing.