About Matt Zolbe

Can do

Matt Zolbe, the founder of Motivus, brings 30 years experience in the crucible of corporate America as he delivers presentations on motivation, team building, and creating a shared vision. A keynote speaker with a poised and polished storefront, Matt details actions for managers beyond overarching themes. Rather, he provides specific steps designed to unite teams in moving toward a shared goal.

Shared Language

The essential element of Matt’s approach is shared language. Matt focuses on describing and formulating a culture based on five words or less. PPFE is the format he will use to bring focus. PPFE is the acronym for Positive, Productive, Fresh and Enthusiastic. Key is defining in the interview process the expectation and thus becoming the filter for all behaviors and expectations.

Matt is at heart a sales guy, and will insist on closing with each employee- gaining a commitment to embrace these elements.

Shared Experiences

Critical in driving toward a shared goal is the adjective. Shared. If the goal is not truly shared, then motivation is not complete. Matt’s presentations help the management team transition from well understood goals to goals truly embraced by all. Motivation is getting others to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

Shared Goals

Therein lies the fundamental approach of Motivus, and indeed the raison d’être of this firm. To assist organizations in crafting cultures whereby the entire organization gets behind, in an emotional sense beyond and in addition to the pragmatic, the aims of said organization.