Now, and at The Hour of Our Death

The only two moments in life that matter.
And at the Hour of our Death.
At the Hour of our Death, the author of our life’s story closes the manuscript.
Now is the moment when we write that story.
Will Now be an ordinary moment?
Will Now be spent chasing someone else’s priority? Indeed, writing THEIR story?
This blogpost is about time management. Don’t let important become the servant of urgent.
Let Important rule this moment. Whether being special at work, hugging your children, or checking on your dad, be the catalyst in life that makes your life’s story sing.


  1. Maggie says:

    Those are inspiring words. And such an important message.

    • motivus says:

      No one lives in the Now more than you do Maggie. And few appreciate those who’ve helped them on the way to success more than you. Your way is to inspire by action.

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