Everything Before the “But” is Bullshit

Everything before the “But” is bullshit.

Whatever is said before that critical word- BUT- can be entirely discounted. Your bullshit meter needs to be going off at least a bit. Maybe a lot.

“But” announces the point that is trying to be made. Everything before the “but” is window dressing. A launching point to the takeaway.

When can Everything before the “But” is bullshit be heard?

A. As part of an apology
B. During a performance review
C. When a colleague is late on an assignment
D. All of the Above

Hey- we all do it. I am not saying its evil; it just happens a lot. So if you want be an effective listener, listen for the “But”.

Brought to you courtesy of Paul Zolbe. My dad. (Best man too)
He said it many many years ago. Probably after some stupid stunt.
It happened occasionally, if by occasionally you mean endlessly for about 6 years. Tapered when I met my wife. She can only do so much.

Everything before the “But” is Bullshit.

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