The Past Doesn’t Matter and the Future Doesn’t Exist. Yet.

This term was a voiceover prior to an NFL playoff game. As I heard it I shot up from an oh-so relaxed position on the couch. Googled it but no attribution.
“The Past Doesn’t Matter”……nuance is important and in some ways that phrase is objectionable. We should not emulate Pontius Pilate and wash our hands of mistakes. Nor live on prior accomplishments.
Yet at its core “The Past doesn’t Matter” can be a clarion call. You’ll not have this moment again. Whether the phrase represents a fresh start or as an encouragement to do even more, it works.

“The Future Doesn’t Exist. Yet.”
You can take it to the bank that the biggest factor in your future is you. You will be the biggest hero, AND the biggest villain, in all that will come to be in your life. Your future will be what you make it.

If your future includes being a victim, you’ll be the villain in the story. One cannot be a victim unless one agrees to victimhood. If you don’t get that interview or sale or promotion, if you get a medical diagnosis to make the heart drop, if you are not treated “fairly”, you control the response.
The world has many diagnosed with leukemia, or missing limbs, folks who cannot see……who don’t embrace the concept they are victims.
Nor should you.
The Past Does Not Matter and your Future Does Not Exist. Yet.

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