Human capital

The Little League baseball coach who tells a young boy he has a bad arm does a terrible thing- that boy will likely believe he has a bad arm the rest of his life.

Labels matter.

The same coach who tells a kid, after making an error, that all is well because that kid is too good to make two errors in a game……that coach sets the kid up to be confident and supported.  He might make another error, but his likelihood of being relaxed and successful goes way up.

You are your most valuable asset.  Whatever your brokerage account might represent, (if you have one), or the value of your home, or the cash in your pocket, none have the value of you.

You have the ability to learn, you have the ability to create, you have the ability to work for your living.

You represent human capital.

People are not liabilities, they are assets.  Every person can and should create value.  Everyone consumes, but we produce too.  So much of life’s fulfillment is in producing.   Being someone who matters. Whether as a fantastic mom, as a great colleague, as a supportive boss.  Heck, as civilians of our society.

Among life’s keys to success is the belief in oneself.  It can push you far.

A way to be truly special in other’s lives is to believe in them.  To let them know they can do much.  To understand the power of that support.

A great coach is great.




  1. Morgan says:

    Inspiring! Thank you for this meaningful reminder.

  2. Jackie Collens says:

    You are the best coach

  3. Alan Preston says:

    Great points Matt. You’ve made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and it’s fantastic to see that you’re now sharing your leadership experiences and guidance here. Your writing exudes enthusiasm and I’m sure your coaching is powerful. Keep it coming!

  4. Nancy T says:

    Love reading your comments!!

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